Breathe . . . . . slowly and deeply

When was the last time you really looked at a tree?

Maybe it is time to spend a day with nature. It will feed your spirit,

recharge your batteries, refresh you, and You deserve it!



      We usually take breathing for granted, it happens automatically and seldom requires we pay attention to it. Only when breathing becomes difficult, do we begin to appreciate and understand how very important it is to us.

      How we breathe can make a huge difference to our overall health and wellbeing.  Yoga, Natural Child Birth, Meditation and other practices teach us to focus on breathing and the way we fill our lungs with the life force of oxygen. When you are stressed, overtired or moving too fast, take a few moments to stop and focus on breathing in deeply and exhaling deeply, it will bring you immediate calming benefits.

      Conditions that limit our power to breathe like COPD or Emphesyma demonstrate quite clearly how much everything we think or do depends on our ability to breathe.  Life itself depends on our breathing continuously throughout our lives.  So, it makes snse to take a few moments daily to focus on the way we breathe and give thanks for the life giving oxygen that fills our lungs, sharpens our brains and nourishes our muscles.  

This mental health break is brought to you by the Spiral Goddess Grove.


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