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Abby Willowroot

Graphics for Pagan and Pagan Friendly Community use.

for Non-Commercial Websites only.

Commercial Sites may post ~Goddess 2000 Project~ Banners, but please contact us to license other graphics on this page. For commercial sites, there is a nominal charge.

Willendorf image derived from original painting WFH commissioned from TN Perkins


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Goddess 2000 Project Website www.spiralgoddess.com

and add "graphics courtesy of Abby Willowroot."

Enjoy the Venus of Willendorf Webset, Pentacles, and Fae!

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 Please download the Graphics you choose and upload to your webpages. 

Do Not Link to them here, we change file names monthly.

Goddess Names Web Set

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  Pagan Vote Bannerq

You can use this Banner and Link it to www.spiralgoddess.com/Vote.html

 if you would like to help spread the word about our Free Vote Web Graphics.


All Pagan Vote Banners are on Transparent backgrounds except the first one.

 Pagans Vote         (*          Witches Vote 2        *   Pagans Vote    *      Pagans Vote 1 



 *  Pagans Vote 2  *  Pagans Vote *  Pagans Vote  *

Pagans Vote 5   *  Pagans Vote 6  *  Pagans Vote 7   *   Pagans Vote      

Witch Vote 1     *        Witches Vote Vote    *   Witch Vote 1   *  Wicca Vote 1  *  Wiccan Vote 2        *        Wiccans Vote

 *  Witchy Vote             *           Wiccan Vote 1  *

 Witch, Pagans Vote 2   *      Witch Vote     *   Pagans Vote 2   *    Pagans Vote 2   *   Pagans Vote   * 

  Pagans Vote     *    Pagans Vote 1     *      Pagans Vote 1      *   Pagans Vote    *    Pagans Vote   

*          Pagans Vote      *   



Priestess and Ancient Goddess Tanit

Matching Buttons will be posted soon


Cern & Green Man Graphics

GreenMan Buttons will be posted soon.

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