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GreenMan Grove

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The Green Man is the ever-returning energy of vegetation and wild Nature.

His magic is celebrated througout the world, but he is most often associated

with northern Europe France, England, Ireland and the Celtic cultures.


Stone Masons, the GreenMan & Sheela Na Gig

The great Cathedrals of Europe are adorned with thousands of GreenMan faces,

gargoyles and carvings. The Dark-Ages, the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance

saw  European indigenous religions and Nature worship and local healers and

witches,  wise wimmin, and male elders under a barrage of constant attacks

by the Christian Church. Their goal was to completely wipe out Paganism.

During the Church's virulent wars on the people's belief in the sanctity of

Nature, Masons carved stone images of the GreenMan and Sheela-Na-Gig

into Christian Cathedrals, as a part of the ornamentation. The ever presence

of the GreenMan and Sheela-Na-Gig remained a strong and constant source

of strength to the people. The GreenMan's image silently echoed the spirit of

the Sacred Cycles of Nature and Pagan Gods and Goddesses, reverred by

the people. It was the StoneMasons who preserved the images, sanctity and

spirit of both the Greenman and Sheela Na Gig for the people, and for future

generations, who in their turn, will discover the ancient sanctity of Nature.  



Today the GreenMan is re-emerging into our consciousness, along with the Goddess.

His presence brings balance and male energy to the reclaiming of our ancient heritage.

Throughout the ages the Goddess has often appeared with a male aspect in the form of

Horus, Tammuz, the Horned God, the Bull, the GreenMan and many others.




It is through the GreenMan, that many men come to understand

Nature's mysteries and their own ancient connection with the Goddess.


The return of the GreenMan brings new hope and understanding of the true strengths

of balanced masculine energy. For too long, men have been isolated from that part of

themselves that honors the Sacred Mother, the divine in Nature, and the true divinity

 in themselves.  Reclaiming the GreenMan, is also reclaiming your most eternal self.


Drumming, piping and chanting draws the GreenMan close.

The slow, steady healing rhythm of drumming opens the psyche

and expanded awareness, attracting the playful and powerful aspects

of the Greenman and positive, balanced, life enhancing male energy.



He dances the Moon with power and grace

Amidst the hills and trees, in His sacred space

A dancer moving swiftly between the realms

There in the leaves . . . . what do you see?

If you honor the Old Ways ~ it may be He

Stonehenge is accepted as an Ancient Druid Stone Circle.

It is the best known of the many ancient ritual sites in the British Isles.

The Druid Priests and Priestesses were the most learned and respected

teachers, visionaries, seers, healers and astronomers of their time.


The Druids presided over the spiritual well being of the community, at Tara,

even the High Kings of Ireland  spoke only after the Chief Druid had spoken.

The High Queens also played a very important and essential role at Tara.

The High Kings were granted authority to rule only by the presence of their

High Queen.  The Queen was the living embodiment of the Goddess and

represented the will of the people to be governed by the King. Without her

blessing, a King could not govern or become a High King in ancient times.  

The mysteries of Nature are waiting to reveal themselves to you,

just outside the realm of the mundane. . . . . I

if you follow the path of the dancing Cernunnos, you may find that the world is

 a much more magical place than you ever imagined. . . . . Embrace a tree,

relax in a garden, or in a field, or sit in a wooded glen, to find the GreenMan.

Focus on the mystery of a single clump of grass or a leaf. . . . . .

If you are patient and engrossed in your appreciation of simple nature,

your spirit will open, and the GreenMan's wisdom will come to you!




GreenMan & Sheela Na Gig 

by Abby Willowroot

The legacy of the Stone Masons, Icons of stone and energy, watch us.  

Guardian Icons that have watched from the Churches of Europe for centuries.

They watched as the Old Ways passed into obscurity, and we forgot, who we are.

They watched as generation upon generation upon generation, was born, lived and died.

They watched as the Inquisition came, with charges of Heresy and consorting with the devil.

They watched as women, men & children faithful to the Old Ways, were burned as witches.

They watched as countless plagues, wars & famines, devastated the people and the land.

They watched as the modern world emerged out of the middle ages and the renaissance.

They watched as reformation and revolution swept across the land, and brought change.

They watched as the seasons' cycle turned, moon waxed and waned, and storms came.

They watched as enslaved humans were brutally taken from Africa to Europe, and sold. 

They watched as Europe's own children left for America and Australia, never to return.

They watched as the ships set sail, farmers plowed, children played, and dogs barked.

They watched as women cooked, spun, worked, tended babes, and midwifes birthed.

They watched as miners descend deep into the Earth, their lives spent in darkness.

They watched as Wollstonecraft, Austen, Byron & Sand put pen to paper and wrote.

They watched as Shakespear, Dickens, Joyce, and Rowling spun wonderous tales.

They watched as Darwin wrote about the world of Nature and the origin of species

They watched as Newton worked his mathematical formulas and created physics.

They watched as Emperors, Kings and Queens lived, reigned, and passed away.

They watched as the Industrial revolution and the technology revolution came.

They watched as the machines came and filled the land and sky with noise. 

They watch us,  the hundreds of Cathedral GreenMan and Sheela Na Gigs.

They watch us today, to see if there will be, an environmental revolution.  

They protected us today, as they did in the past, and help us remember.

They are waiting for us to remember the ancient reverence for Nature.

They are watching to see if we know what is important, what lasts.

They are watching, to see, if we learn to remember who we are.

They watch and whisper to us, "You are Children of Nature". 

Listen for their whispers . . . . . and Remember


Copyright Abby Willowroot 2010 - All rights reserved
Printable version of GreenMan & Sheela Na Gig - The Legacy of Stone Masons


A Celtic Amphore that echoes the sacred Celtic objects of an earlier time.
This amphora is similar to an offering the ancient Celts would have thrown
into a body of water, a lake or river, as an offering to the Gods and Goddesses.
Archaeologists are finding many such offerings in rivers, lakes and bogs.


GreenMan Magic is alive and well, and working in the world
The GreenMan is again dancing wild Nature's rhythms into our world
The healthier the environment becomes, the closer the GreeMan will be.
Every single thing you recycle, brings him closer and makes him stronger,

The Celtic Amphora,  GreenMan Wand, and the seated and standing  GreenMan Sculptures
were designed and crafted by Abby Willowroot. The sculptures are available from Sacred Source. 



Brining the GreenMan into our lives keeps us in touch with Nature's cycles. 



Build Your Own Online Altar here!  My Own Altar at the Grove  

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Spiral Goddess Grove

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