A Grove of Remembrance

A life's journey touches many lives
Our energy survives our passing
In the hearts of those who remember

We leave behind marks of our presence in
Love, art, ideas, wisdom, friendship & spirit
Accomplishment, connections, children & humor
At our journey's end

This is a place to honor those who we love, who have died.


You are missed but not forgotten


~ Christopher Reeve ~ John Ritter ~ Lianna ~ Maggie ~ Elaine Smith ~ Ann H. Perkins ~ Maggie Burke ~ Dona Doyle Kerins ~ Joe ~ 

~ Allison Harlow ~ Pete McCarthy ~ Fay Wray ~ Lalo Delgado ~  

 ~ Janet Leigh ~ Red Adair ~ Johnny Ramon ~ Sidney Schempp ~        ~ Janet McCloud ~ Bob Keeshan ~ Mr Fred Rogers ~ Allistair Cooke ~ Ray Charles ~ Lady Circe ~ Donald O'Connor ~ Gordon Jump ~

~Gladys Brandt  ~  Nilak Butler ~ Gregory Hines ~  


Mattie Stepanek ~ Poet, visionary, couragous spirit who life was short, challenging. His spirit, insight and wisdom touched the hearts of millions.

Butch ~ my Brother, I miss you every day.

Betty, my Mother, 12 years is to long, I love you.

Zachary Beloved ~ Your brief and sacred apparition in this world opened the door to a life deeper than appearances. It seemed to cost me everything, and yet, as paradox will have it, it has bestowed all things. My gratitude is eternal, your beneficence boundless.

Suzette Marie ~ 5/3/66 to 5/5/04 Sue my beloved neice, you were a great mother to Christopher and I know you will watch over him from where you are. It is a shame he will have to grow up without you but I know your lessons here must have been completed as they called you home so soon. You were not only my neice but my great friend, I could talk and confied in you as I never could anyone else. I will miss you greatly but I know we are always together in spirit and will someday be reunited, Love Aunty.

The Children of Russia, parents and teachers who died in their school at the hands of terrorists. May their spirits soar free.  

Bobby Layton ~ he died of aids, he was a very kind and gentle man. That is how I remember him.

MaDonna MoonHawk Estefan ~ Mother, Grandmother, Healer and Pagan elder. You will be missed.

Dr. John E. Mack ~ Teacher, visionary, Pulitzer Prize winner.  We who knew you are richer for the experience, Thank You, your life had meaning for many. 

On Loving Memory of those who have died at the hands of terrorists and all those who have died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel. 

Add the name of a Loved One you would like honored at the "Grove of Rememberance. Please list their name and anything about them you want to share, and E-mail to awillowroot@gmail.com We will add them to the Grove as soon as possible. If you have sent a loved ones name, and you do not see it posted here within a month, please re-send it.

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