Prayer Altar for the NY, DC & PA Tragedies
Firefighters, Police & EMTs Altar for Prayers

A Grove of Rememberance

A life's journey touches many lives
Our energy survives our passing
In the hearts of those who remember

We leave behind marks of our presence in
Love, art, ideas, wisdom, friendship & spirit
Accomplishment, connections, children & humor
At our journey's end

This is a place to honor those who we love, who have died.


You are missed but not forgotten

~ Charlie Kerins ~ Wayne Newcomb ~ John ~ Kay Kerins ~ Gwydion ~ Chickie ~ Stevie Harlow ~ Freddie Mercury ~ Marija Gimbutas ~ Catherine Burke ~ Elizabeth Gould Davis ~ Matthe ~ Ellie ~ Chris Farley ~ Layla ~ Charles Schulz ~ Henry Moore ~

~ Herman ~ Ellie ~ Patricia Quilty ~ Bud Hennessey ~ Vida ~ Anthony Saccone ~ Paul ~ Ralph Sides ~ Anne Perkins ~ Minnie Ripperton ~ Maurice Libal ~ Donald Van Eycke Thor ~ Margarite Villenauve ~ Anton Szandor Lavey ~ Harvey ~ Randy ~ Rick ~ Maggie ~ George ~ John Candy ~ Elaine ~ Audrey ~ Andrea ~ Helen ~ Rachel ~ David ~ Braggi ~ Doreena Valente ~ Alice ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley ~ Joe Richardson ~ Ida Terkel ~ Stewart Farrar ~ Judy Foster ~ DeAndra Danae Elmore ~ Paul Tuitean ~ Victor Anderson ~

Julia Drew ~ WiseWoman, mother, mentor. She loved children, the salt marshes, the ocean and plants. Julia truly knew the ways of Nature, she was a WiseWoman.

Irene Hennessey ~ Mother, model, a kind woman of independent spirit. She had wisdom, beauty, courage, grace and a generous heart. I love you Irene, you were my mentor and you changed my life.

Helen ~ A great woman with a great heart who, at the end of her life she simply gave up. She will always be remembered as a saint.

Genevieve C. Brandon ~ Mother of 13 children, 1908 - 1998
She was a remarkable woman. A devout Catholic who had a special relationship with Mary, based on common motherhood.

Audrey ~ and her daughter Andrea who were both brave spirits, refusing to live (or die) in fear of an angry man.

Andrea ~ and her mother Audrey who were both brave spirits, refusing to live (or die) in fear of an angry man.

Helen Smith ~ 1904-1996 A Beautiful Lady, always a Lady, always outspoken, always direct, always full of love. Her love will never be forgotten.

Rachel ~ you that shared the power of female spiritual essence with my today´s companion and walked with her to the Moon and it´s phases. May you still travel by the night skies, following the Moon.

David ~ you that taught me to listen to our Mother´s voice in each living creature. We couldn´t walk together more, but I´m sure your voice still whispers with the falling rain over the landscape. Thank you, and blessed be forever!

Kathryn ~ Mother, athelete, business woman, who loved to garden and swim in the ocean. A woman of fierce spirit, she was the first paid woman lifeguard hired in Massachusetts. Oldest of nine children, mother of four, grandmother of four. She was a world class knitter, as befit her Inishmor heritage. Her courage and humor enriched us. you are missed. We love you Mom.

Dianne Kerins Whitman ~ A sweet spirit, mother, sister, daughter, friend whose life held much sorrow, may her next life hold infionite peace and joy.

Unnamed Little One ~ For teaching what it means to be a woman, a mother...May you take a breathe in every child that breathes...

Minnie Elliott ~ Mother, She was MY Mom, my favorite image is her laugh and her heart. She is missed dearly everyday still.

Fred Elliott ~ Father, What I liked best was he was MY Dad My favorite image is his gentleness and strength. He is missed dearly everyday still.

Dana Elam ~ Sister, 1959 to 1996, passed away from Malenoma Cancer at the age of 37. She is my Sister and Best Friend and I miss her terribly. I now call her my "Star Angel" so that at night I can go out and pick out the brightest star. I will spend some time just thinking of her and knowing that somehow we are making a connection.

Patty(Warner)Livingston ~ died Feb.10,1999 sister to Maureen(Warner)Robbins,aunt to Nicole Warner,who both walk a wiccan path. Patty's path was a toubled one, she would have been 44,Feb 28th she ended her own life, I want to believe the water, where she left us evenloped her w/ love & peace~~!! she was a giver,not a receiver, So eccentric and never apologetic of her unusual way of being~~!! No matter what, she always complimented a person. With this, I along w/ my daughter Nicole compliment and honor Patty~~!!!

In Loving Memory of the Men, Women and Children who have died of AIDS, you are missed.

In Loving Memory of the thousands of Gay Men who died of AIDS, before AIDS even had a name, you are missed. You will never be forgotten, we may not know all your names, but we know your heart & spirit, your courage and your contributions to our community.

In Loving Memory of Women who have died alone, you are not forgotten and you are missed.

The Tuskegee Airmen ~ American Flyers who died in training and battle. Their courage and vision inspired many, and enriched all who knew them.

Isobel Perna ~ What I liked best was her smiles. My favorite image is sitting in "her" chair. she is always carried in my heart. I hope she is with Mom and Dad now and happy.

Fred Weaver ~ What I liked best is that he was always there for me. My favorite memory is taking trips. He is always carried in my heart. I hope he is with Mom and Dad now and happy.

Helen "Yummy" ~ 9-7-57 to 1-28-59 My joy, my true love, my guardian angel.....thank you.

Felix ~ Faithful, devoted Felix and the embodied love of the Goddess, Milagra. Thank you for spending time with me.

Smokey ~ beloved companion of 13 years. 21 years was not nearly long enough for your life. You were my beloved familiar and best friend. I mourn you daily, for inside my lovely grey kitty was the most beautiful spirit that I ever was graced with knowing. We miss you terribly baby bear. Mom and Dad

Anna Hientzen ~ Born in Germany, died in Boston, MA. A kind heart and a gentle nature. A woman who loved strong tea, flowers, detective stories and baked wonderful Lemon Meringue Pies. She worked hard all her life as a maid in other people's homes. I love you Anna, and think of you often. Love, Laura

Mom Mom B ~ She was not just a grandmother but a friend and kindred spirit. You will be missed by all who knew you"

Sasha - one who changed the life of one who could not be changed. You will be reborn in every child.

Renette ~ Mother, She was a loving lady who her heart went out to people in need. She loved roses.She will always be dear to me even though we were not that close...I will always love her. She died in September 1988

Braggi ~ Age 5, was a bright, beautiful, happy, loving, outgoing, intelligent, curious and fearless child, who would walk right up to any adult and start a conversation as if they were peers. A beloved child of the CAW Community, the sunshine of his essence will be missed deeply. He drowned while playing.

Carolyn ~ I wish I could of had you here a little longer Dear Mother. You passed down the ages to me as a child and it is in your memory that I am beginning to learn who you were and who I am. Keep you in my dreams and reflect you in my waking moments.
Eternal Love MaMa, Jeannie.

Alice Montellano ~ Beloved Mother, protector, guardian, and guide. My best friend, and the one who helped me to become the Woman I am today. She left the mortal world for a better place June 9, 1998, and I miss her terribly. She lives on through me and my children. I love you "mamma"

Joe Serna ~ Father, husband, mayor of Sacramento, CA. A rare man of kindness, compassion and insight. You are missed by thousands.

McKara Hill ~ Most Beloved Lover in the Truest Sense ... The Magnificent Mother of her children ... She came here to learn her last lesson for this life ... Unconditonal Love .... she learned that and took it with her to the otherside ..... my most humble love is always hers ..... crossed over Aug 8 1999

Rose Queen Hegarty 1916 - 1999, Scotland ~ Dearly loved Grandmother and Matriarch. She trod the Earth lightly and left a a lot of laughter and love. She was our centre. Mother of six, Grandmother of twenty-four and Great-Grandmother of seventeen. Always loved, always remembered - especially in the place of yellow roses; which she loved.

Tommy Wiegand ~ Father, Husband, and a wonderful man of humor and courage. Tommy was a Firefighter who died in the line of duty. His heroism and dedication to protecting others was his essence. I Love You Uncle Tommy, you are missed

Marian Louise Grant Stinson ~ Mother, she was born on July 20, 1927, and died on November 22, 1999. She was a wonderful mother to me and my five brothers. Although she died a victim of domestic violence, she somehow gave me the strength to overcome this and break the cycle. In the Name of the Goddess of the Ten Thousand Names, blessed be! ~ Gwynnyd

Eve ~ My Mother and an Artist. I loved her.

Sucholbiak family ~ Parent, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. So sad to have lost you all so young in my life.The Goddess holds you gently in the palm of Her hands, as I hold you in my heart.

Ivan J. Peyton ~ Father, and spiritual peacemaker. Remembered by his daughter, Elizabeth

Anne Jeffs ~ Radiant Spirit,Gentle heart,Beautiful flower, Angel that walked the earth. Walk in peace and love sweet angel.

Dani ~ 4/8/81 - 6/7/95 ~ Beloved niece who left too soon. We thank the Goddess for sharing this wonderous child with us. We learned, laughed, and loved in the time we had together.

Rose Elizabeth Bird ~ A woman of courage, compassion and vision. Her contributions to the law, the constitution and to the minorities and women of our nation will not be forgotten.

Gabriel ~ You died before you could heal. I will never forget you.

Thomas Hampton ~ He was born 1/18/64 he passed suddenly through the Mists on 5/5/99 of a Thoracic Aneurysm... You are missed from my heart, from my spirit and from my life. You were a man who never raised his voice.Who loved to make others laugh with your imitations. Silly making your beloved niece Deirdre laugh with glee at your "Donald Duck voice"Or your sister's and brother at you pranks on them. Our discussions of our different views on religion, with love....Though you may walk with your God..It is the Goddess who now nurtures you. We miss you my son.Bathe in the Mother's light...Where peace is...Merry Meet,Merry Part and Merry Meet Again, Love,Your Mother

Thomas ~ your physical presence is no longer with us. But your humor and soft voice is missed by all. We love you and always your spirit remains in touch with ours.
With Love, Your Mother,Sister,Brother and Neice

John Haley ~ Father. He died of a heart attack Sept. 17, 1998 after many years of struggling with heart trouble. He was the kindest most generous person I've ever known. He loved and respected nature and had a passion for mushrooms and car races. I still feel as though he is looking out for me. -Becky

Derrick Williams ~ Peace to you dear one. From the ones that love you and remember you...
I love you

Earline Davis ~ Peace to you dear one. From the ones that love you and remember you...
I love you

Jamie Moore ~ Peace to you dear one. From the ones that love you and remember you...
I love you

Helen Augustine - My Mother, who let the passionate flame of her life glow within and turned it outward to fill her world with constant and tender Love. I carry your flame within me my children. May they carry it to theirs. Thank you.

Charles Schulz ~ Artist, Cartoonist, Humorist, Philosopher, Friend to millions of us. His humor and wisdom has taken root in our hearts. Thank you for Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, Linus, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Schroeder, Pig Pen, and the rest of your wonderful pals. The happy laughter he shared continues.

To Papa, Shaun, Mom, Patrick, Grampa, Christopher, Linsey, & Dad - We love you & miss you all. That you all left us in just 10 years is very hard to believe. ~ Love, Chrysie, Bear, & the Kids

Earl Zammer ~ Cherished friend, amazing father, loving husband, and king of all grandfathers. We miss your wisdom,your cheer,your lovely spirit for life and those whom you built your life around. Rest grampa,and they will do the rest. Sleep in gold,for you are.
Love Sunshine and Muffy Duf

Barbara B. Frank ~ My mother and friend. She was a strong lady. A woman who all should admire. She opened her heart and took in 3 kids. My brother David, my sister Jennifer, and myself Melanie. Without her we would be motherless. You see our real mothers gave us up for adoption, and she raised us to the best of her ability. Never asking for much, yet always giving of herself.I miss you so much Mom, I think of you each and everyday. I will see you in summerland someday when I cross over. Until then my heart aches. Mom crossed over January 15, 1999. I love you Mom.

Johana Del ~ She was a great friend, and she always had a smile to share with anyone who needed it. She died in a car wreck at the age of 16.

George ~ My uncle whose life was not intwined with mine as often as it should have been. I will remember the moments that we have shared and not forget our unborn moments as you left this earth without final words spoken. But let me speak them now. I feel a loss at the knowledge of your death and an empty place in my heart. Cymru am bith. -Jen

Ellen Chisolm Duggan ~ A wonderful mother and daughter who loved her family and friends, she fought so hard and won because she showed so many people how to be brave!

Mike Wagner ~ A wonderful father and husband who left everyone who knew him with a smile, he died to young, everyone should have had the chance to meet such a wonderful man.

Dorothy Chaffe ~ My great-aunt who was a teacher to everyone including her students, she loved her husband and her family and she is greatly missed by everyone but no one as much as Uno!

Sharon Schmidt ~ A beloved Wife, Mother, and Grandmother. Your love for us will always be shared. You loved to see your grandchildren, as they loved you. Mom you'll be missed by all. We love you dearly.

Grace Mazone-Egidi ~ My wonderful angel grandmother who filled my heart and life with love. She was and is the Goddess and I seek her often to renew my spirit. Although she passed over in 1986 her love remains a very strong force in my life. I hope I see you again to kiss and hold you and thank you for being you.

Emma - My dear grandmother who passed over April 29, 1988. You were a woman on a fixed income and with limited means, but you always saw to it that your daughter, and later your beloved grandsons had everything they needed. Though you are gone from us, you are alive in our memories and in our hearts. Thanks be to the Mother Goddess that you are no longer in the pain that plagued you in your latter days among us. May She hold you in her arms. May you know Her peace and contentment now and forever. Know now, as you always did, that you have me eternal love, Grandma.

Alberta Kemps ~ My beloved grandmother, teacher and friend. I never got to thank her for her wisdom, spirit and light. Without her I would not have appreciated my gifts or the Earth so much. My she be at peace and be my butterfly guide forever. I love you Grandmommy!!!

Amber ~ She died very young of a heart defect. She was full of life and love and respected all those she came in contact with. Amber you are loved and missed.

Erik Tucker ~ Though you were only with us two short years, your love and joy for life touched more hearts then could ever be counted..

Mary Berky-1942-1996 ~ Beloved Mother and Wife. Proud of her family. A selfless spirit, always good for a joke. Lover of all nature. The crone has blessed me with your memory, I see you every day in my little girls face. We miss you Mom. I love you!

Judy Foster ~ A Mother, and a wonderful giving Goddess Woman who made a real difference in the Pagan Community. May the circle be open, but unbroken, May the peace of the Goddess be ever in your heart. Judy your gentle smile will always be remembered, you are dearly missed.

Mother ~ from Karen, to my mother- You are free now mom, free from pain, free from hurt and struggling. Your star shines bright in the sky as I can see. Loving soul you are the brightest. Always loved.

Jennie Lynn Minor (Dec 27, 1984 to Aug 2, 2000) You are one of the greatest friends ever! I'll always remember the fun we had together...I hope to see you in the summerlands one day. "All I do, I can still feel you. Even so far away, I can still feel you..." ~Nine Inch Nails song (Hehe, I know u hate my music!)

Lori Minor ( ? to August 2nd, 2000) Hon, I never did get to know you but you'll always be remembered for being a loving sister to my best bud... You two will be greatly missed. . . . Love, Kayleen

Peter Binzer ~ A dear friend. It is nearly 20 years now since he died. I still think of him and miss him. What a loss.

Andrew Poynter ~ A loved friend. Although he died back in the early 80s we still miss him so much.

Rosalie Gordon ~ A wonderful friend, wife and mother. We will Miss your laughing eyes,your sence of humor. Your great talent for making people feel better about themselves. We will miss you always.Your loving family and friends.

Richard Farnsworth ~ An actor of great skill who brought many pleasurable moments to the screen for all to enjoy. You will be dearly missed Richard.

Elena Gloria ~ In Memory of Elena Gloria - My Beloved Mother: My First and Dearest Friend, My Teacher, My Guide, My Mentor, My Example.Love LaFrancese

Richard Mills ~ A wonderful man who loved Rackham paintings, papayas, and grace in all things. You brought smiles to many. You will always live in my heart Richard.

Michael ~ I remember you. You were so young and you had so much to live for. You passed your GCSE's, darling, I hope you know how proud everyone was of you for being so strong. You are missed.

Matthe Sheperd ~ died Oct. 12, 1998. You were only a boy, but I honor you for having the courage to live the truth. Your suffering awakened my compassion and made me ask more of myself. I didn't know you, but I too miss you. Archer

Sam Cohen ~ This was a man of great courage, wisdom and strength. He was a great father, family man, husband. He has crossed into the Summerland and it now at peace.

Jim ~ My beloved cat Jim, who waits for me at Rainbow Bridge.

Olean Swindle Roberts ~ she was my mother and had an awesome spirit....she dared to live her life free...practiced her religion freely....devoted her life to making people smile..she spoke to everyone she saw...and when she people all over the country came to say goodbye....I knew then what an impact she had made on people for the you are not with us but we will always remember you in our hearts and gave me something so special that has ran throughout the threads of my life and made it better because you were my mother...I am glad I chose you this time around..I miss you...Love Lavonda Kaye

Jeanne Marie ~ Your fragile strength is missed, I dream of Autumn hued eyes and skin sun-kissed. How wise you were and protective of me, yet you let me spread my wings and fly so free. I hope you are proud of what I've become, proud of plain me and the things I have done. Can you wait for me momma, in sweet Summerland? If you can't, you know I'll understand. Just please don't forget me, I won't forget you, my candle will guide you all my days through...I love you Momma, Autumndusk

Kali ~ You made me smile and filled mny heart with joy and respect. I love you and miss you everyday. Your spirit will always live in my heart.

In Memory of . . . Janie Rebecca Hess Scarborough ~ mother,
Arthur Munroe Scarborough ~ father,
Carol Rae Scarborough ~ their first child, sister,
Florence Gertrude Hess Hinson ~ aunt,
Harry Tapley Hess ~ uncle,
Earl Scarborough ~ Uncle
Hecate, Cerridwen, Dark Mothers, take them in. May they be renewed.

David McQueen ~ In memory of my Dad, David McQueen. I often tell Amy and Amanda, stories about you. I tell them of the fun things I did with grandad Dave and show them photos. They never knew you dad but your spirit lives on in their hearts and I know you are close by taking care of us. I love and miss you. Karen

Tessa Ann Hilkemann ~ Even tho you weren't with us very long you brought joy and happiness to us. We feel your spirit with us everyday and will never forget our precious ray of light. Mom and Dad

Tessa Hilkemann Graywolf~In memory of our beloved Tessa. Even tho you left us too soon we still love you just as much as our other children. You brought your mother and me great happiness and joy and will continue to always. We feel your presence all the time and wish to thank you for being here with us in spirit. We will never forget you. We love you and miss you.

Aurora Pascalina ~ the woman with the wonderful name ----my Nonni, who taught me to crochet and taught my mother to cook...I didnt have enough time with you but you were a gift. Blessed be

Brian Edward Trout ~ My mouse who soared. June 19, 1961-November 26, 2000. Too soon you were taken from me, and none shall know you as I do. You walk with me in my waking hours, and guard my dreaming. Sleep well, Featherhead. Though lovers be remains. And death shall have no dominion.

Little Guy ~ my precious loving, gentle familiar. You are a true spirit. I miss you Baby Guy, your soft furry, warm body snuggled next to me under the blankets. Your love for me was a blessed gift. You await me in the Summerland. You are with the Lady, She who cares for you, Princess, Bootsie, Beloved Indy, Chipper, Brandy, Laddie, and the Bunny. Love you, Mommy and Daddy

Sara ~ Grandmother and a true teacher. Because of her I have found the path that I am most happy with. Thank you Gran for everything that you've done for me!

Talia ~ 1986-1997, my beloved friend and familiar of 11 years, this petite graceful green-eyed black cat was my heart's joy. Even now, you are sorely missed daily and I know one day we will meet again beyond the Rainbow bridge in the Summerlands - Cloud

Dad ~ what a great guy! You had a rough life but boy did you persevere and show me how to grab life and be truly thankful for everything God gives us. A true fighter to the very end, I can still hear your laughter and remember the sound of your voice. What a great father you were and I am forever grateful

Joyce Bailey ~ May 11, 1943 to October 3,1998 my mom. Mom so much was left unsaid no chance to really say good bye you are free now from all the pain and you now can shine bright your new journey now begins and all you taught is deep in the hearts of all of your children. Only sadness is what we feel but that sadness turns to joy when you remember the good things. You are missed by all of your children and grandchildren. wth loving memory to you mom. The kids

Robert Mack ~ Dear Father, I remember how you believed in me, enjoyed my studies of Art and Literature, and my travels abroad. You wanted me to be independent and strong, both qualities I have inherited from you. You loved your 5 daughters, and many grandchildren. For all the anger within you, we felt your love too, and it will remain in our hearts. May you find peace in death, which never came to you in life. With love, Your Daughter Susan Marian

Daniel Farmer and Herschel Bargo ~ My Grandfather they taught me everything i know and they will always be in my heart and, chris b.

Herschel Bargo and Daniel Farmer ~ My Grandfather they taught me everything i know and they will always be in my heart and, chris b.

Mary Emma Polancic ~ You're with me. You're with me in all the things I do, you're with me the whole day through. When the rooster crows at the crack of dawn, I remember your rooster imitation, and then I remember - you're gone. You're with me. When I go walking you're with me as I put on a pair of socks you got for free. You're with me. When I'm grocery shopping at the mall, fond memories of sharing pomegranites during holidays in the fall. You're with me. When I hear a joke, I think of you, it's OK if it's not brand new, and though I've heard it a dozen times before, I wish you were here to tell it just once more. You're with me. I remember your last words to me, though I wish they didn't have to be: "Love you, Love to Reuben, Love to Hawaii, Love to the world" will forever in my head be swirled. You're with me. The night you left you said goodbye, you were here, then gone in the blink of an eye. The touch of your hand, a glimpse of light, and then a shooting star in the night. You're with me. When I was a little girl I used to say I'd love you forever and ever and ever and ever, every single day, and I will Mom. You're with us.

Juanita Miller ~ 9-11-49 to 10-8-00. In rememberance of my mother. The most wonderful mother a person could ask for. You were took away so fast before u could see your next grandchild, I love and miss you so much. <>

Bill Tennison ~ its been a long time, billy i still miss you so much. the love.light and laughter you passed on to all you met,will never be forgotten. i love ya, my brother in spirit. Goddess bless and may she walk with you till we met on the otherside./l\

Connie Lynn Connell Hodson ~ wife, sister, friend. A wonderful woman who loved animals and the environment. She will be missed by all who knew her. Her loving care of dogs and other creatures made the world a better place.

Mitch Downs ~ loving son and great friend to many. we all love and miss you and wish you a wonderful after life.

Alaska Maye (or) Michael Brandon-Lee Ruckman ~ April 14, 2000. Unborn child of Roy & Angela Ruckman

Jason Hartman ~ In memory of Jason Hartman, who is still missed and loved!

Molly and "Pinky" ~ you were wonderful people who left too soon. May the Lord and Lady take you and comfort you until we meet again.Blessed Be

DeAndra Danae Elmore ~ (March 14, 1983 - January 3, 2001) - My precious daughter you are missed so very, very much. You were the light of my life and now my hearts eternal flame. You were my precious daughter and will forever be. In my heart you will live forever.
I'll love you forever, Mom.

Brian Felix ~ You are deeply missed. . . Brian was a wonderful young man with a loving heart and strong spirit. His contagious smile and great sense of humor are a loss to all. Hrian was taken much too soon, and will be remembered and missed always.

DeAndra Danae Elmore (March 14, 1983 - January 3, 2001 ~ My precious daughter you are missed so very, very much. You were the light of my life and now my hearts eternal flame. You were my precious daughter and will forever be. In my heart you will live forever. I'll love you forever, Mom.

Michael ~ died of cancer in his early 20s. he was a dear friend to me. A Name I can Never say again - He saved my life a few times. He called me Angel. He taught me how to love. But now, as he said, the bond has been broken and to him, I, myself am dead. But he is still alive in me.

Elizabeth ~ wife, mother and grandmother She taught me what it meant to live life to the fullest, to cherish my family and friends, and love knowledge and wisdom. Her passing was great loss not just to her family, but to the world. You will always be missed and loved. I love you, Grandma.

Seth Daniel Bragg ~ I can't measure the love we shared, nor can I measure my pain. Your smile touched so many lives. If we all felt your love so strongly in your short twenty years, just think what the world would have known if you have lived longer. We miss you and you will remain in our hearts forever. Mom and family.

Elizabeth Kay ~ In Memory of Elizabeth Kay. Oct. 6, 1949 - Oct. 3, 2000

Thomas Loughlin Druhan ~ In memory of Thomas Loughlin Druhan,December 12, 1921-August 18,1992 - father, husband, gentle soul, brightest star in the heavens; nine years since your spirit's "graduation", every day I remember yet another snippet of wisdom, an expression in your eyes, an interlude of humor...memories lost in forgetfulness suddenly unearthed like gold. I love you, Daddy. I live to make you proud. Your Daughter

Sept 11, 2001 ~ I would like to honor all those who have died in the horrific tragedy of the terrorist attacks that have occured on this day. All of you will live forever in my heart.

Sept 11th Tragedies Memorial * WTC Firefighters, Police, EMT Memorial

Elza ~ beloved mother and best friend, gone these 4 years. My heart still yearns for your gentle, loving presence and your humor. I will miss you until we meet again.

Lani Rose Jeansdottir ~ Mother, midwife, High Priestess, and friend. You will be missed by the women who knew your touch as you helped them bring their little ones into this world in the comfort of their homes; you will be missed by the women who never will know your touch. You will be missed by the students you helped and taught the ways of the Goddess; and the students who will never know you, but only know of you through the teachers that follow in your steps to educate our communities. You will be missed by your sons who know that you will watch them grow and mature , if only from a distance. Whenever I partake of the apple tree in your garden, I shall remember and miss you... remembering that you are there and now a part of the tree you loved so. My heart is heavy that you will no longer sing with us at ritual, feast with us after the birth of a new baby, or cry with us at the passing of a dear one. It is for you we weep, if only for our own sorrow and pain, for you are now with the Goddess and hurt no more. Blessed be, and rest in the waters of Her womb until the time you once again sing Her praises with us, your sisters who miss you dearly.

Irving E. DeMoranville - A most Peaceful man who was my Father. He had something VERY SPECIAL about him, he hurt nobody, and loved mankind. He was one with the Earth. He was a wonderful Father, Husband, and Grandfather. Praise be!!!!

Alice ~ my Nonnie, You worried so that you would be forgotten yet not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts and in my heart. I see your features in the faces of your great-grandchildren and hear your voice whispering your wisdom in my ear. You are at peace now. Your family will know and love you always.

Helen Leonard ~ (7 March 1945 - 12 October 2001) - Australian activist and feminist, a woman who changed the lives of all she met, a gentle and generous woman who lived her life with passion, dedicated to feminist ideals, who gave unending support and encouragement to others, devoted to her family and a faithful, beloved friend. Helen, I will hold you in my heart forever. Blessed be ... Tij

Anne Brower ~ She was the Feminine inspiration, the Priestess leadership, of the earlier 20th century Environmental movement

Marguerite Thompson-Webb ~ a civil rights activist who helped open a store to serve blacks during a 1960s boycott of white-owned businesses, died at 86. Her courage and spirit made a difference.

Winifred Jourdain ~ known as the Godmother of Minnesota's White Earth Reservation. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

Mary Gorman ~ who helped bring honors to the Navajo code talkers of World War II, died Sept. 9, 2001 She worked to locate all those who had served. There was never an official list of code talkers, who numbered close to 400, because they were never an official military unit. Through her efforts, most of the original 29 code talkers were represented when they were honored with Congressional Gold Medals

George Harrison ~ Husband, Father, Musician, Song Writer, Spiritual Mentor to millions. Beatle, Wilbury and man of great humor and joy. In his passing we are sad, in remembering his life and music we rejoice. Thank you George you filled my life with music, laughter and respect. May your next life be as filled with compassion and generosity as this life has been. You taught us all to seek the best in ourselves and others, Namaste George.

Reverend Todd Berg ~ Passed away December 2000- He was a gifted psychic from whom I learned many special gifts, who instilled in me a trust and confidence in the cosmos that I have never known before. He was taken suddenly from this realm by meningitis, and although I feel him close in the mists, I often selfishly miss the physical. To My dear friend, may the Goddess envelop you in the love that you gave so freely to those you knew. I always aspire to reach the level of consciousness that you lived, breathed, taught, inspiration...Todd I love you always... Rachael Soluna

Angel Kelly-Mashburn ~ July 2001 - Sept. 2001 Your short life on earth touched many hearts. You were truly loved and will be greatly missed. May the Angels cradle you in their arms forever.

A Traveling Woman in Ireland ~ December 1990, Much sympathy on the death of a 21-year-old travelling woman last Sunday morning. She froze to death in a ditch, just yards from her caravan home in Blanchardstown. The dead woman had a drink problem since she was fourteen and was drinking before her death. Her mother died in a road accident five years ago. Her father was badly injured in a separate accident and her brother died at the age of fifteen. She had a small daughter who has spent most of her time in foster care. May your spirit soar free and warm, May your next coming be blessed with love, ease and joy.

Tahlia ~ 15/12/96 -15/12/96, too prescious for us to living eternally in our hearts ...a special baby who watches over us forever.. we love  you  our prescious little sweetheart  till we meet again Blessed Be .. your  family

Karen Eileen Kerekes ~ 11/18/46-10/9/90, You took Joey's cancer into yourself and suffered in silence. You were my best friend, my mother. You never got to see your grandchildren in the physical world, but I know you watch over them. I can still feel the fabric from your dress on my face when I'd lean on you as a small child, and I know you still hold me near. I hope I've made you proud and you are happy and at peace. Thank you for being my guardian and for letting me finally dream of you.I love and miss you so very much.
Your daughter, Khristina Marie

Add the name of a Loved One you would like honored at the "Grove of Rememberance. Please list their name and anything about them you want to share, and E-mail to We will add them to the Grove as soon as possible. If you have sent a loved ones name, and you do not see it posted here within a month, please re-send it.

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~ La Diosa, Femenina Adivina ~ La Déesse, Féminine Devinent ~ Die Göttin, Weiblich Erahnen ~ Il Goddess, Femminile Divine ~ O Goddess, Feminine Divine ~ Godin, Vrouwelijke Goddelijke, Spiraalvormige Godin ~ Θεά, θηλυκή θεία, σπειροειδής θεά ~ Богина, Женственная Предсказывает, Спиральн Богина ~ Il Goddess, Femminile Divine, Goddess A spirale ~

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