Human Heritage and the Goddess

Human Heritage and the Goddess

Deep in each human heart is a memory, a simple and powerful one.

It is the memory of sanity, the memory of being simply human.

We are each of us, the product of millions of years of evolution.

We carry inside of us, many ancient knowings and understandings. 

We are the dream of our ancestors, proof of their survival lives in us.


The remembrance of the Goddess is held in the hearts of humanity. 

She has begun to re-emerge and is again celebrated and honored. 

She was the sustenance and guiding protectress of our ancestors. 

The noise of the world around us often drowns out the simple whisper of human truths.   
You will hear these truths if you allow yourself to honor Nature and spend time quietly and without expectation. Sit under a tree and watch grass move in the breeze, or silently watch the ocean, or a lake, or a field of grass or grain.  It will open you to the Universe and magic. 

If you live in a city, or cannot get out, quietly watch a house plant as it breathes. Listen and do not judge what you hear, just simply allow it to bubble up and reach the surface of your consciousness. Relax, and soon you will be entrained and breathing in harmony together. 

Memories of our shared heritage often emerge through drumming, chanting or dancing. Even though you may have forgotten, the cells of your body remember these ancient truths. When you connect mind, body and spirit, magic happens and the Universe opens to you.

Wisdom floats through the air on the powerful rhythms of a drum beat. The sound opens your being. You need not practice, or be a musician, to play a drum, you have only to pick up a drum, relax, and begin. Your body will remember. . . . you are a human, it is part of you.

Creating your own sacred art


Honoring the Goddess in drumming, dance, chant and song should not be rehearsed, it should flow from you as an offering of your essence. It is not your skill that makes it powerful, it is your spirit.  Your true self is released and celebrated when you dance.

A Remembering Chant


I sing to the Goddess

my voice is strong

I drum to the Goddess

an ancient song


I do not know the words

I simply make a sound

my hand strikes the drum

remembering an ancient sound


I dance to the Goddess

my feet upon the Earth

I sway to find the rhythm

of an ancient birth


I dance, I sing, I drum, I chant

the memories grow clear

I dance, I sing, I drum, I chant

and the Goddess is here

For re-membering, it is often helpful to light a candle and gaze into the flame. Firelight is as old as human history. When the flickering light of a candle is percieved by your brain, it opens passage ways and paths to long forgotten genetic memories.

See the memories dance and shine in the timeless light of a candle.

Ancient memories waiting to be discovered by you.


We are our ancestors, their experiences and memories live within us. They are in our brains, in our cells, in our marrow, they are the sacred core of our very being. Reconnecting with these ancient memories fills one with a deep and unshakeable knowing. The powerful realization at a gut level, that all humanity, all life and all energy is connected in a magical web of inter-dependence.

We are all cells in the body of the Goddess, each unique, each with a special task, and special gifts. Knowing this at your core, brings peace, harmony and unimaginable joy.


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     The journey has just begun with a look into your human heritage, there are many other things you will find in the Spiral Goddess Grove to expand your awareness of your place in the human family, and the human march into the future, a journey that we are all a part of.  Visit the temples, altars, groves dedicated to the earth goddess, the healer goddess hygeia and the warm hearth thgat celebrates the wise women. Kali  Ma, Gaea (Gaia ), the seasonal celebrations of  equinox, solstice,, Kuan yin is celebrated here along with the Laussel  venus, the sacred Labyris (Labyrs) of the Snakle Pristesses,  We also celebrate Mary, a number of Moon Goddess, a few Neolithic Goddess, and other things that are important to pagana and the culture of  paganism, including many other pagan goddesses.  Pele,  Nammu, our ancestors, Amazon  are all part of our self acceptance . Ancient Goddesses and Aphrodite are celebrated in the  Goddess 2000 Project with Goddess Art . The ancient  ancestress of all is the Goddess.

Around the world we call out to Her as La Diosa, Femenina Adivina ~ La Déesse, Féminine Devinent ~ Die Göttin, Weiblich Erahnen ~ Il Goddess, Femminile Divine ~ O Goddess, Feminine Divine. She is called to as Godin, Vrouwelijke Goddelijke, Spiraalvormige Godin ~ Θεά, θηλυκή θεία, σπειροειδής θεά ~ Богина, Женственная Предсказывает, Спиральн Богина ~ Il Goddess, Femminile Divine, Goddess A spirale ~ She is the eternal and beloved Great Goddess.

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