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Kids are magic
Kids are neat
Kids know the Earth
Under their feet

Kids can see thing
Grown-ups miss
Kids hear the wind
Give the trees a kiss

Kids are magic
And kids are wise
They see special things
When they open their eyes

So look around
What do you see?
Is there a bird or a bug or a squirrel
Living in that tree?

Is there anyone living
Behind that rock?
Do you see any ants?
Or spiders, or moths?
Do you hear a bird?
Do you hear a cat?
Do you hear a dog, or mouse, or gnat?

Listen kids....and you will see
All the world is alive
Around you and me!


You are a sacred person
Your Spirit floats free on the energy of the Universe.
Your body grows healthy and strong on the gifts of the Earth

Eat your Vegetables, they will make you strong and wise.

Can you sit quietly enough to hear the Trees breathe and move?

What kind of sounds do the leaves make?

Can you pretend you are a Tree and make a sound like the leaves?

AbbyWillowroot Cat MumAbby

How many Sacred & Magic things can you find if you go for a walk?

Can you find a feather?......a special rock?.......some twigs?

.......a piece of a tree branch that feels good to hold?

Can you find some long pieces of grass and make a bouquet?

.......or some cool leaves? .......or a neat piece of something, someone dropped?

Whether you live in the city, a town or in the country, there are

 all kinds of special things to find near you. Nature is everywhere.

Want to make an Special Space of your own?

Find a place in your room (or anywhere quiet), like a table or the top of a dresser,

and make a special place for these magical treasure you discover. It can be your own

"Special Altar" to celebrate your life and the magic that is all around you.

Buying things is ok, but it cooler to find the treasures that other people forget to notice.

Having your own special things from Nature is an important part of being a human.


I found this Feather right in front of my house.

It made me very happy to find it,

and it makes me happy to show it to you.

If you lived in Alaska, there might be

a Polar Bear visiting your town, for all to see

Bear are beautiful and Bears are strong

Black Bears and Brown Bears and Polar Bears too

Here are two walking Bears just for you


Kids' Special Place

You can make Your Own Altar here!


Copyright Abby Willowroot 1998 ~ All rights reserved.