Rainbow Heart Grove


Grove of the Rainbow Heart

A Sacred Space for Gay, Lesbian, Transexual and Two-Spirited Folks

This Grove is a Non-denominational Sacred Space. The wisdom of many religious and spiritual traditions is respected here. This is a place to renew your connection with your own spiritual essence, whatever your path.  This is a place that honors and celebrates Human Diversity in all its beautiful hues and colors.

The Grove of the Rainbow Heart is intended as a place where members of the Gay, Lesbian, Transexual, Two-Spirited and Bi-sexual Communities can come for spiritual renewal in times of joy or sorrow.


You are a unique expression of the Divine
Honor the eternal light within you
Celebrate your own true nature
Open your spiritual heart
Be your true self
Love yourself
As you are

You are a special gift to the world. Within you are qualities that benefit  your loved ones, your community and the rest of humanity. Learning to express those gifts is sometimes a difficult lesson, but  once learned this lesson bears many, many gifts that will last a lifetime.  Without you, the world would be a far poorer place,   You are a celebration of all that came before, you are your ancestors' gift to he future.


Your are a wonderful miracle in the world.


Prayer for Guidance

Make me strong in spirit
Courageous in action
Gentle of heart

Let me act in wisdom
Conquer my fear and doubt
Discover my own hidden gifts

Meet others with compassion
Be a source of healing energies
And face each day with hope and joy

Nature celebrates the diversity & the life force within us all.

When was the last time you stopped to smell the flowers?

Honor your own unique spirit, enjoy the beauty of Nature around you.

Every Crystal contains a Rainbow

This Sacred Flame burn for those we love, who have died

Perpetual Flame

 You are  Missed

Things to be Grateful for

My Life.....this day.....spring rain....laughter......trees.....
Earth's abundance.....friends......rivers.....wisdom.....flowers......VCRs......
music......beauty......art.....chocolate......children's optomism......
good books......yummy fabric......computers......birds......T-shirts......
hot soup on a cold day.....christmas lights......the Stonewall Queens......
puppies......candles.....hope......comfortable shoes......starry nights.....
health......love......crystals & rocks......the oceans.....seagulls......good coffeee.....
mascara that doesn't run......hot tea......full moons......apples......blueskies.....
self acceptance......jeans that fit......hot water......dancing.....courage.....
vacuum cleaners that work.....sleeping late......the gay community.....smiles.....
good cooks.....clean sheets.....farmers.....mountains.....Harvey Milk.....
chances to learn.....blessings in disguise.....hugs.....diversity.....red shoes.....

Human Sexuality & Gender

      Sexuality does not change, it is hard wired before we are born, just like Gender (No, Sexuality and Gender are NOT the same thing) A person may choose to abstain from practicing their naturally inborn sexual preference, but that does not change their sexual preference. It merely sublimates it to the person's desire for something else, something like acceptance or desire to be celibate, as in priests, monks, nuns and other religious vocations.

     Constantly Reinforced Guilt over ones sexual identity is a powerful motivator to sublimate ones sexual identity when the cost of not sublimating it is loss of family, friends and community. No one suddenly becomes Gay, they just accept who they have always been, and stop pretending to be what they are not.  Being at peace with who one really is, can be a journey that can take decades.

      The idea that a person can change their sexual identity is ludicrous. People can be browbeaten into acting against their natural sexual identity, because the need for acceptance is a very powerful thing, and the constant reinforcement of guilt creates a desire in some to deny who they are.


 Just as some people are born homosexual, bisexual, asexual and heterosexual,

some people are born will a stronger need for ouitside approval than others are.

Humans are complex creatures, and just because you feel one way inside does not

mean that others do, there are many degrees in the normal range of human sexuality,

ranging from hyper heterosexuality to hyper homosexuality, with most people falling

somewhere in between. Asexuality is also a normal point along this sexuality range.

Sexuality varies from person to person, and the variance is normal, plain and simple.

     Gender also varies in a similar way, there is a wide area of variation between

hyper maleness and hyper femaleness, but this range does not necessarily correlate

with a person's sexuality.  We all know super feminine women and super masculine men,

most of us fall into th middle range between the two, with some of us being equally split

gender wise. Some people are physicaly female, with gender identities that are male and

vice versa, or they may have physical characteristics of both male and female. These people

are those who are called transexuals or Transgender. Their status relates to their gender

identity, NOT their sexual identity. Whether they choose gender reassignment surgery or not,

does not alter who these people are, surgery just makes it more comfortable for some to live

in a way that is compatible with who they really are. Gender is more than male or female. 


                 There are also many people who identify as Two-Spirited, because they have many, 

qualities and psychologial factors that are divided fairly evenly, between the male

and female. Gender reassignment is not an option for these people because they have

no clearly defined dominant gender, they have the physical gender of one sex, but the

gender identification and psyche of both sexes.  Two-Spirited people are complex.


       Initially, some Two-spirited people mistake their Two-spiritedness for sexual identity,

but that happens less and less, as more Two-spirited people speak out about the nature

of gender and its differences from sexuality. Two-spirited people are either homosexual

or heterosexual, depending on their sexual identity. Two-spirited people are quite common,

and are often easily recognized by their physical and psychological blending of both sexes. 

      Seeing Heterosexual Man and Woman as the only recognized genders is a bad mistake.

Science now knows that this division is both simplistic and inaccurate. Gender is broader. 

Human gender and human sexuality are far more complex, far more diverse, and far more

wonderful than that. There are many colors within the Rainbow of normal human sexuality.

A Gay or a Straight person can no more change their sexual preference than any person

can change their racial makeup, age or ancestry. The denial of this simple fact is the great

fantasy of those who absolutely refuse to accept the wonderful diversity of the human race.

     Whatever your sexual and gender identities are, be who you are, and be proud of it, bLife is

too short not to be.  You are wonderful miracle in the world, celebtrate exactly who you are!


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