She Who Altar

She Who Altar

Great Cosmic Mother
Sacred Life Force in All Things
She Who Creates from Her Own Source
All that is, was, and shall be Mirrors Her

She Who is the Spiraling Galaxies
Alive in the Stars, immenant in All Things
Endlessly becoming, spinning Life into Being
She Who speaks to us through the Wind and the Calm

She Who is Sacred Balance
Spiral Weaver of Truth and Wisdom
Her Sacred Texts are the Leaves and Grasses
Everywhere is Her Consecrated Ground, Her Temple

She Who, She Who is Many
The Brilliant Sparks of Her Essence
Pulsing & Alive in each Cell of our Body
The Vibrant Red Sea flowing through us All
Is the Sacred River of She Who is the Spiral Goddess

Spiraling outward, the Galaxies spin Stars, Planets and all heavenly bodies into being.
The Cosmic Dance of Creation is the Goddess moving to the rhythms of the Universe.
All life, all elements, all chemicals are born in the Celestial Cauldron of Becoming.

All Life Forces originated in the same Celestial Womb. We are Stars in our essence
The Universe is beyond time, beyond space, and beyond comprehension in its vastness.
It is the eternal All that is the body of the Great Goddess

Spiraling outward the Galaxies spin Stars, Planets and all heavenly bodies into being.

Stars emerging from Celestial Gas Clouds

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Oh Great Mother
May we glimpse Eternity
The ever present Now of Creation
Great Cauldron of Change and Becoming

May we rediscover Sacred Awe
Seeing the essence of You everywhere
Finding it in the Cosmos and in All Life
Embracing the Sacred more deeply with each breath

May we truly know
Your prana is in all things
Recreating yourself in each moment
Spinning the sacred fabric that is the Eternal Now

The Goddess Dances through the heavens
Look closely and you will see Her violet form leaping the Stars.
Her arms outstretched, embracing the sacred moment in the bliss of being.

She is dancing within reflections in the Orion Nebula.
The image is real, it has not been altered, this is how it appears.
As She danced before the Hubbell telescope

Blessings on the Heavens and Earth

The Hourglass Nebula
Both Fierce and Calming
The Cosmic Eye compels Awe
It is the Universe in our own image

An affirmation sought since human time began
The Ancients looked for themselves in the Heavens
And so do we, as will our distant descendants

You are a Cell in the Body of the Goddess
You are an Essential part of the endless Universe

The Veil Nebula

More than fifteen thousand years ago our Ancestors worshipped the Great Goddess, as did their ancestors. . They looked to the sky with wonder and awe, stars sparkled overhead. About this same time, a distant star exploded in a Super-Nova, leaving behind the remnants of creation.

The Veil Nebula above is the remains of that long ago Super-Nova. Out of death the vibrant energy of new creation is released. The image shown is just a tiny section of the vast Nebula.

Did our ancient ancestors see the flash of the Super-Nova as the old star died?
Or did they sense the release of unimaginable energy as the star exploded?
Perhaps it went unnoticed, too far from Earth to attract awe.  Or was it drawn on a cave wall, to mark the event?

The Dance of Creation continues, like millions of other Nebula, the Veil will birth new stars in the never ending cyles of birth - death - and rebirth that is the Goddess.


The Fire of Creation flows from the deepest heart of the Universe
May the Eternal Fire within me grow and shine brightly
I am made from the energy of the Stars
and I will Shine

Spiral Galaxy shown is designated by Nasa as M100.
Nasa Website to explore more images of the Goddess in Her Cosmic aspect.   The URL is


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Spiral Goddess Grove

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