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Spirit Path

Choosing a Spiritual Path

     Healing the heart and mind is often a challenge. For those who have been deeply wounded by traditional religion and the false guilt associated with simply being human, it is often a long journey to finding true peace of mind and happiness. Those who have been raised without any religion sometimes seek one, and choosing a spiritual path may be confusing.  It is not necessary to choose a religion, many people are ethical, content and well balanced without any belief in the divine, others seek a spiritual path. If you feel a call to choose a spiritual path we hope this page will help you on your journey toward a belief system that will serve you well.

     For many, the journey is worth the effort, at the other end is self-acceptance, a joy in living and a powerful spiritual connection with all life and yourself.  Many who have been bludgeoned with religious dogma, need to take time to examine what is truly in their own hearts and replace old judging symbols with new life affirming symbols and a willingness to accept others choices as right for them, before you can make a free choice of a spiritual path that is truly right for you and travel that path happily and securely.  There is no hurry, relax.

           Abby AbbyAbby

     Your spiritual connection with the Divine is the most intimate, personal relationship you will ever have. No one knows what path best expresses your own unique connection with a Higher Power, not ministers, not priests, not psychics, not your family, not your soul-mate, and not me either. This is journey that can only be walked and explored in fullness by you alone.

     Your life is a miracle for YOU to explore. Many people express their spirituality through the honoring of the Great Goddess. I am one who has found that personally, Goddess energy speaks clearly and lovingly to me, I am a Pagan.  This is right for me, and has been my path for many, many years, it works well for me, but, that does not mean it is the right path for you, it may be, it may not be.

  Abby Abby

     The many voices of the past that told me of a jealous and punishing God, have no power in my life today. They have been replaced with a deeper knowing. I am only saddened that some would choose to seek out a negative, judgemental diety to express their spiritual selves and their view of the world. Such fear based religions do little to create a true sense of unconditional love and acceptance.  Stil, they seem to meet some peoples spiritual needs. There are those who see this same God as more loving, balanced and not judgmental or punishing. And that Path seems to works for them and meets their spiritual needs. Your spiritual path need not be what others want, what fits you and your spirit is what is right. 


     All religions contain grains of truth, all contain flaws. The Path you choose must be one which allows you to fully express your spiritual essence. One which honors and celebrates your values, ethics, beliefs and inner knowings. Whether you choose the Goddess Path, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, Atheism, Paganism, Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism, a Heathen Path, a Solitary path, Indigenous religion, Native American beliefs, or another spiritual path is not nearly as important as the act of freely choosing and practicing of a Faith that fits your beliefs. 

     All faiths work for some people. The trick is to find the Path that is right for you. Do not be discouraged or coerced into following anyone else's belief system. You have the right to choose your own way of spiritually expressing your connection with the Divine.  If you do not believe in a divine being, that is fine too, and is also part of a legitimate spiritual path. Deity is not necessary for a strong spiritual connection with life or being a truly spiritual person.  Many Atheists are also deeply spiritual and compassionate people.  Belief in a Deity is not the only Path to morality, kindness, compassion, and humanity, it is just a popular one.  For more info on choosing a Spiritual Path, you might enjoy reading about Secular Paganism  and a page of our InterFaith Prayers


I wish you well on your journey of discovery.
May your right and true Spiritual Path find you.
May you always respect the Spiritual Paths of others.
Openness and respect comes before Peace


* A Moment in Spring *

The Hindu blessing Namaste' says it beautifully, Namaste' means . . .

"The God/dess in me, recognizes and honors the God/dess in you."



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May clarity grow within me ~ Open my eyes to life's many wonders ~ May I feel the pulse of all creation within me ~ Open my spirit to awareness ~ Fill my heart with Understanding ~ May my life be of service to Earth and the Goddess ~ Open my ears to the needs of those around me ~ Make my hands strong & gentle in your service ~ May I remember always, the Goddess works through me ~

    Whatever Spiritual Path you choose, remember that the things that bind us together and the things we use to isolate ourselves are shared by all humans. We are a family of creatures with a rich and diverse past that stretches far back into ancient times, times before language, times before history, times before nations and states, times before imagining.  Your imagination and your spirit will be nourished here at the Spiral Goddess Grove, enjoy your visit here.

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     ~ Sacred is the Goddess, her name may vary from language to language, but Her essence remains the same. 

~ La Diosa, Femenina Adivina ~ La Déesse, Féminine Devinent ~ Die Göttin, Weiblich Erahnen ~ Il Goddess, Femminile Divine The Goddess is the divine female ability to birth life and nurture the living with compassion and grace. ~~ O Goddess, Feminine Divine ~ Godin, Vrouwelijke Goddelijke, Spiraalvormige Godin It is the Goddess essence that lives deep within your DNA, deep within ever cell of your body. ~  Θεά, θηλυκή θεία, σπειροειδής θεά ~ Богина, Женственная Предсказывает, Спиральн Богина The Feminine Divine is the primal spark that unites all life on Earth. ~ Il Goddess, Femminile Divine, Goddess A spirale ~


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