Goddess Magic

by Abby Willowroot


 Magic, real magic, is all around us. We are so busy that we often don't even notice it. But the simple secret to noticing and tapping into magic is easy to learn. Celebrating the Goddess is a wonderful way to begin seeing and enjoying everyday magic. Goddess magic can also bring powerful visions and insights as it transforms your life.

The essence of Goddess magic is learning to remember what your ancient ancestors knew--that is, to reclaim your birthright of wisdom and sacred connections to the power of the Great Goddess. The ancient rituals and celebrations of the goddesses often involved oracles, seers, and others with psychic gifts. These specially gifted women acted as guides and heralds of the magic that was occurring. Their task was to make the community ready for the magical experiences they would share.

Today we sometimes rely on professional psychics to help us see the magical situations in our own lives. However it is sought, vision and insight awaits you.

Your Own Rituals
Insight and openness are the keys to Goddess magic. Working with your own tarot cards, Goddess energy rituals can help you to be your own oracle. There are many good tarot decks that are filled with the energy of the Goddess. Selecting one of these and using it daily will enhance your mystical abilities. The cards help you to look beyond the obvious and see more deeply into a situation. The more you practice with the cards, the clearer and surer your vision will become. The cards also help you to see that all things are more complex than they first appear to be. Understanding this complexity will help you to create powerful Goddess rituals and spells.

One very positive benefit of practicing Goddess magic is the deep sense of confidence it gives you. It is the confidence of knowing you are an essential part of the sacred cycles of life, that you are needed. You will experience the confidence of learning to trust your own inner voice. Your sacred place in the universe will become abundantly clear as you work with this powerful magic.

Triple Goddess Magic
There are many different types of Goddess magic. There is the initiating, dynamic magic of the maiden; the abundant protective magic of the mother, and the wise magic of the crone. Each one of these types of Goddess magic can be used by all ages. When you use this magic, you are calling upon the forces and wisdom of the sacred aspects of the Triple Goddess. For powerful workings, it is often good to balance energies by invoking the Triple Goddess in all her stages. This ensures that your working will be blessed with clarity of vision and perspective.

Generally, the powers and visions we possess are colored by where we are in the goddess cycle. If your age places you in the maiden stage of the cycle, you will bring different perceptions to a ritual than if you were in the mother or crone stage, and so on. No matter which cycle you are in, it is important to work to balance the energy so that the Goddess energy you invoke represents the clear wisdom and power of all three of her aspects. Spells that call upon the Goddess in this balanced way temper action with wisdom, courage with compassion, and enthusiasm with insight. This is the path to the craft of the wise. It provides good groundwork for any ritual. Once it is done, you can call upon any specific goddess you wish.


The Goddess in Various Guises

IsIs The great goddess Isis is a powerful goddess to call upon for rituals of transformation and change. Calling on Isis for her special magic must be done with great reverence and an open heart. You can also call on Isis in matters of the heart and love. When calling on her it is good to use dark-blue and orange candles, though white candles are appropriate as well. In an Isis ritual, use an incense with a heavy, earthy scent like musk.

Hygeia is an ancient goddess of healing. Her special magic is associated with healing, cleansing, childbirth, and renewal. Hygeia is also a goddess who can be called upon for increased abundance and prosperity. When calling on Hygeia it is good to use white, green, or red candles. Your incense should have a light, clean scent--like pine, sandalwood, or similar.

Hecate is the ancient one of death and rebirth. Her special magic is associated with profound transformations. Calling on Hecate is done only rarely, but when she is invoked, special care must be taken to bless all and never hold negative thoughts. Hecate presides over the mysteries of all life. The candles you use should be green, black, or white. Your incense should be subtle and not too sweet-smelling.

Gaia is the Earth and protectress of all life. Her special magic is related to cycles, seasons, plants, and healing. Gaia may also be called on for new life rituals, and to understand the ways of nature and her creatures. Call on Gaia for rituals to heal the environment. And when calling on Gaia, it is best to do it outdoors, sitting on the ground. The candles used when invoking Gaia should be blue, green, or brown. White candles may also be used. Let the air be the incense of Gaia.

Luna and Selene are Moon goddesses, bringers of psychic vision. Their special magic is the gift of seeing beyond space and time. Call on them to connect with the ancients, expand psychic skills, and access the sacred flow. You can also call on the Moon goddesses for rituals to heal the oceans and waters of the Earth. When calling on the Moon goddesses use white or purple candles. The incense may be fruity or floral, but should have a light scent.

Kuan Yin is a goddess of mercy, protection, and compassion. Her special magic is healing and understanding through compassion. Her special gifts expand the heart and bring insight through all the senses. The candles used when invoking Kuan Yin are white, light blue, or bright yellow. The incense associated with Kuan Yin is light--such as rose, lilac, or sandalwood.

These are just a few goddesses; there are many others you may choose to call upon. Whichever goddess you work with, it is important to begin with balance and prepare yourself for working with the powerful energies of Goddess magic. Before beginning any magical working, it is important to take time to prepare your body and spirit. Simple preparations include a warm bath or shower, a short meditation asking that your intent be pure, a glass of water to enhance your psychic abilities (drinking water enhances psychic vibrations and receptivity), and a cleaning and blessing of the space where you will be doing your magic. Goddess magic is available to you at any time.


Blessings Flow - The many blessings of the Goddess flow freely once you are in sync with Her ways. Everyday, you have many opportunities to be in harmony with the Goddess, in how you treat yourself and others, and in the ways you speak and act. The more you live life in ways that match your ideals, the closer you are to accessing true Goddess magic all the time. This magic becomes a part of who you are, and you become aware of the world as a changing place, your positive energy and healing visions make it a better place. You have the power, if you want it, to become walking, breathing, living Goddess magic!

Originally printed in Llewellyn's 2003 Magical Almanac

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2002  All rights reserved


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